Estonian company creation, accounting, banking setup, tax advice, and virtual office services 

for e-residents and international residents of Estonia.

About us:

Pallas & Partnerid (Pallas & Partners) has been a leading provider of accountancy services to Estonian companies for more than 15 years. We are based at Tammsaare Business Centre, just above the main Estonian Police and Border Guard station on Tammsaare street where many e-residents choose to collect their digital ID cards.

We have now launched our Tallinn Office packages in order to provide complete business services in English tailored to the needs of e-residents of Estonia around the world and international residents living in Estonia. This includes accounting with the same high quality and good value as enjoyed by Estonians, but also specialist support on issues that uniquely affect international owners of Estonian companies, including local banking setup and international tax advice. Our clients never actually need to visit Estonia, but they will certainly always be welcome here.


Our service is personal and we are dedicated to delivering high quality support to every client. In addition, we only accept clients if we share the same values and we are confident that we are the best partner to help their business grow. As a result, we can not take on every application. However, we are currently investing in team expansion so that we can serve more e-residents in future. For any questions, you can email us at adam.rang@pallaspartnerid.ee.


Tallinn Office packages

Please note: If you already have a business set up or are just looking for specialist consulting advice then it may be possible for us to make a bespoke offer. Simplt e-mail our Tallinn Office Client Manager at adam.rang@pallaspartnerid.ee.



  • Prestigious company address in Tallinn.

  • Your Tallinn Office Client Manager as named contact person.

  • Right to display your company address on your website.

  • Half hour introductory consultation for advice on company registration, banking, accounting and taxation.

  • Any additional consultations (not including occasional advice) charged at €80 per hour.


€25 per month

(One year minimum contract)


Full service


  • Monthly accounting service with a qualified named accountant

  • Guidance when registering your company.

  • Banking setup support.

  • International tax consultation.

  • Prestigious company address in Tallinn.

  • Your Tallinn Office Clent Manager as named contact person

  • Right to display your company address, accountant and contact person on your own company website.

  • Monthly financial report in English and optional phone or video short discussion with accountant

  • Share capital contribution support.

  • Any additional consultations (not including ongoing accounting advice) charged at €40 per hour.

Setup: €450

Monthly cost: from €120

(for small businesses, freelancers,

and early stage startups)


How it works:






Step 1: Apply for an Estonian government-issued digital ID card

The Republic of Estonia issues digital ID cards to citizens, residents and now also e-residents. E-Residency is an official status provided to citizens of other countries living around the world who wish to start a company online in Estonia.. The cost to apply is €100 and that covers the cost of background checks on you by the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board. Like citizens and residents, e-residents then receive an Estonian government-backed digital ID card, which plugs into any computer through a USB slot. With that, you can securely identify yourself online, provide legally binding digital signatures, and gain access to Estonia's advanced e-services. You are welcome to contact us before applying for e-Residency if you need advice and more information about our Tallinn Office packages, but you'll need your e-Residency card before you can use our services. You can learn more about e-Residency and submit your application on the Estonian government's website at e-resident.gov.ee.

Step 2: Establish an Estonian company online

As an e-resident, you can use your digital ID card to establish an Estonian company online through the Estonian Business Registry here. The state fee is €190. It's important to clarify that this is not some kind of 'virtual company'. Establishing and managing companies online is simply the normal way of administering all Estonian companies, including if you are a citizen or resident. This is the main benefit of e-Residency because an Estonian company is a trusted EU company, but can be run online from anywhere in the world and often with lower costs and hassle than alternative options both inside and outside the EU. Before you can start a company though, you'll need a company address and a contact person, which we can provide through our Tallinn office package. Your company is still 100% yours because your contact person won't own any part of your company or have powers to act on behalf of your company. But this requirement is important because every Estonian company must be accountable to authorities in Estonia to preserve the trust of our business environment, no matter where in the world you are running your company. We are licensed to take that responsibility for you. You can then register the company online yourself as an e-resident, although there are a few sections within this process where you are likely to need some expert advice. That's where we can help too. Our premium Tallinn Office package includes all the guidance you'll need to register your company, while our basic Tallinn Office package can also cover this within your 30 minute introductory consultation.

Step 3: Open an EU business bank account

Once you have your EU company, you will also need EU business banking set up for it too. You have several options, including a bank account in Estonia that you must open in person or an account with a financial technology company that you can open online. There are pros and cons to each one and the best option depends on your circumstances and preferences so there is no one right solution for everyone. However, we can guide you through all your options, help you apply, and even come with you to the bank meeting to ensure everything goes smoothly. Our premium Tallinn Office package includes full support for banking setup, including accompanying you to the bank appointment if you choose to open your account in person in Estonia, while our basic Tallinn Office package can provide you with advice within your introductory consultation.

Step 4: Understand your tax obligations

As an e-resident, you will keep your personal tax residency in the country that you reside. However, your Estonian company will be tax resident in Estonia by default, although you may be required to pay your company taxes elsewhere depending on the structure of your business (if you don't receive good advice). For the past six years, Estonia has been ranked first by the Tax Foundation for the most competitive tax system in the OECD. That's not because Estonia has low taxes, but because it has simple and smartly designed taxes. For example, Estonian company tax is paid only when you take money out as dividends, not when you make profits, in order to help you reinvest in the growth of your business. We can provide tax consultation to help you structure your business in order to fully benefit from Estonia's taxation system.

Step 5: Build your business

Once your company is up and running, we want you to focus on your passion, not paperwork. So we'll handle your accounts, keep the hassle of business administration to a minimum for you, and advise you about any issues that come up along the way. You'll be able to ask your accountant and your Tallinn Office Client Manager for occasional advice or book a consultation for more in-depth support.

You'll never even need to step foot in Estonia, although if you want to visit then you will be always welcome at your company address.


Meet our team:


Helari graduated from Tallinn University of Technology and has 18 years of experience as an accountant in Estonia. He established Pallas & Partnerid in 2003. Helari is also a keen cyclist.

CEO of Pallas & Partnerid

Helari Pallas

Pilvi graduated from Lääne-Virumaa Higher Vocational School before starting her career in accounting and then joining Pallas & Partnerid in 2012. In her leisure time, Pilvi enjoys reading and photography.


Pilvi Peets

Kätlin studied accounting at Lääne-Virumaa Higher Vocational School and graduated in 2017 before joining Pallas & Partnerid.


Kätlin Lindmäe

Kristiina studied accounting at Tartu Vocational Education Centre and also at Lääne-Viru College. After graduating, Kristiina spent four years at an accounting firm before then joining Pallas & Partnerid in 2016.


Kristiina Kärbo


Adam helped develop Estonia's e-Residency programme in his previous role there as Chief Evangelist. He also manages his own Tallinn-based company exporting Estonian saunas. He first discovered Pallas & Partnerid as a client for his own company.

Tallinn Office Client Manager

Adam Rang

Sigrit studied accountancy at the Tallinn School of Economics before joining Pallas & Partnerid in 2013.


Sigrit Abel

Marge studied International Economy and Business Management at Tallinn Technical University. Before joining Pallas & Partnerid she spent 11 years at a trading company where she worked her way up to chief accountant.


Marge Puulmann

Marge studied accounting at the Tallinn School of Economics before joining Pallas & Partnerid in 2015. In her spare time, Marge also enjoys travelling, spending time outdoors,  participating in cultural events.


Marge Pärtel 


Fast facts:

  • Estonia is a heavily-forested Nordic nation with a Finno-Ugric culture and a population of 1.3 million people. The Estonian people trace their story back about 11,000 years and their Republic was founded in 1918. Estonia today is a member of the EU, Nato, eurozone, and OECD. The official language is Estonian, although English is widely spoken - especially in business.

  • Estonia was the first country to launch e-Residency in 2014. There are now more than 60,000 e-residents from more than 160 countries and they have already established more than 10,000 companies. Those e-resident companies have grown so successfully that they have collectively paid more than €25 million in taxation to Estonia over just the past 5 years.

  • Estonia has ranked first for tax competitiveness in the OECD for six consecutive years. It also consistently ranks highly for economic and political freedom, including ranking first for the freest internet in the world.

  • E-Residency is a new concept, but it's based on Estonia's digital ID cards that have been in use since 2002. 98.2% of Estonia's population has a digital ID card, which is used for almost all aspects of daily life - from banking and filing taxes to voting in elections.

  • Estonia was the first country to experience a nationwide cyber attack in 2007, which temporarily took our digital services offline. This might not seem like a great fact to share, but what's more important is the way Estonia responded by investing even more heavily in developing secure digital services. As a result, Estonia is now regarded as the world's most advanced digital nation and no Estonian digital ID card has ever been compromised. Both Nato and the EU now have their key cyber security institutions based in Tallinn.

  • Anton Hansen Tammsaare, after whom our office and street is named, is Estonia's greatest literary writer. This is also the address that we share with our clients through our Tallinn Office packages. Taamsaare's novel, Truth and Justice, has just been turned into an Oscar-nominated movie. You can also read it in English here, courtesy of the National Library of Estonia.



We're always happy to speak to journalists about how e-Residency works and how we are working for e-residents. Below is a small selection of past media coverage that our Tallinn Office Manager has been involved in, including in his previous role as Chief Evangelist for the e-Residency programme.

Estonia's low money laundering risk isn't so surprising

Estonia was recently ranked as having the lowest money laundering risk in the world by a respected international index. This came as a surprise to many Estonians so Adam Rang wrote for the public broadcaster to explain why Estonia ranks so highly. 

Here’s why Estonian companies have high levels of transparency

Adam Rang has written plenty of advice for e-residents and other stakeholders in order to explain the e-Residency programme, but this article is perhaps one of the most important as it explains the trusted nature of Estonia's business environment and why it is designed to protect and support legitimate entrepreneurs - in part by using radical levels of transparency.

There was a debate in the Estonian media about how Estonia can both welcome international entrepreneurs but also combat international criminality at the same time. Adam wrote a response for the public broadcaster to correct some misunderstandings and explain that Estonia doesn't need to choose between these goals because one is not possible without the other.

Here’s how you can create an EU company with EU banking (anywhere on Earth)

This is a comprehensive article written by Adam Rang about how to use e-Residency as an entrepreneur. It was written in 2017 so there have been quite a few improvements since then (including the introduction of our Tallinn Office packages, of course) but it is still one of the most comprehensive overviews of the programme. 

How I learned to stop worrying and love the Estonian winter

This is slightly off-topic from e-Residency, but we know that many international residents and visiting e-residents can be a little daunted by the Estonian winter. As a result, Adam Rang wrote for Estonian World about how to embrace the joys of winter in Estonia. 

Estonian e-Residency Helps Businesses After Brexit

Adam Rang invited TL;DR, a popular British YouTube channel, to Estonia so they could become e-residents and learn more about our digital nation. This video is made for the perspective of Brits, but does a great job exploring why Estonia offers e-Residency.


Here at Pallas & Partnerid, we carefully assess all applications for a Tallinn Office package from e-residents to ensure that we are a good fit for each other. Estonians are known for being straight-talking so we will happily recommend other providers if we think they are better suited to your type of business. As a general rule, we expect our clients to value transparency and be committed to good corporate governance, and we don't serve companies involved in crypto trading. 

To apply for a Tallinn Office package, you should first have an Estonian digital ID card. If you are living outside Estonia then you can get this by first applying for e-Residency on the Estonian government's website here. If you'd like to ask any questions before applying for either e-Residency or a Tallinn Office package then email us at adam.rang@pallaspartnerid.ee.

If you are ready, fill out the form below and we will respond to you within 24 hours.


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